A Different Kind Of Store
A Different Kind Of Store
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How We Began

The Back Story….
Ok ok picture it, September 2018 when my friend, business partner, confidant, who is the Commissioner for our NBA Fantasy League double crosses me. We do not play for money, it’s illegal to do so.. Anyway, we are against each other one week. My team The GroupHomies v. the UIConns his team. He forgets to ok my substitutions of players for the whole week!!!!! Fantasy leaguers know this was unacceptable. So when I saw him I started yelling at him… Yo Commissioner Yo Commish why are you so wishy washy with the switches… You need to hit the switches Mish Mish. You are Wishwaashy MishMaashy… 😒 Hmm Mishy Mishmaashy that sounds pretty good for a seasonal store. It’s a seasonal store that has a lil of everything, a mishmosh..

So there is the birth of a store hope you enjoyes the story. Have a great shopping experience....

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